Visayan Electric residential consumers will experience a decrease of P0.89 per kWh in their electricity bill for the month of February to March. This means that a household with an average monthly electricity consumption of 200 kWh will save a total of P178.00.

The drop in electricity rates, which brings the rate to P15.19 per kWh, is due to the downward trend of the prices of coal in the world market, as well as the decrease in the prices of electricity in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM).

“The P0.89 decrease is by far the biggest we’ve had in the last several months. This is a big help to us, however, we should still be cautious in our usage of electricity as the prices of coal and
electricity in the world market are still unpredictable especially with the recent calamity that struck the Middle East,” said Engr. Raul C. Lucero, Visayan Electric President and Chief Operating Officer.

The distribution utility executive also encouraged consumers to still be mindful of their electricity consumption to avoid bill shock.

“Now that we are approaching summer, we should be extra conscious in using our cooling appliances such as air conditioners as heat contributes to the power consumption of these appliances. We also have to make sure that these appliances are properly maintained to avoid sudden increases in our electricity consumption,” he added.

Visayan Electric continues to offer payment arrangements for customers who cannot settle their bills in full. Customers may apply for the payment arrangements at any Visayan Electric service center. | via PR