Ang OCTA Research group miingon nga ilang gipaluyohan ang sugyot nga dili himoong requirement ang face shields sulod sa mga sinehan.

Alang ni OCTA Research fellow Guido David, dili na gyod Malinga ang mga tawo sa salida kon pagamiton pa sila og face shields.

Apan ang mga tawo kinahanglan gyud nga dunay facemask kanunay.

“We should still wear face masks, but face shields, that’s a different topic. That can be discussed, because in fact we were in a Go Negosyo forum and they were discussing about removing the requirement for face shields in theaters because it actually makes sense. If you go to a theater, it would not be an enjoyable experience if you are wearing a face shield,” sigon ni Guido.

Gawas pa, ang mga vaccinated individuals man lang ang patan-awon og sine.