Residential customers of Visayan Electric will experience a P0.03 centavos per kWh increase in their April – May billing due to a slight increase in the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) transmission rates.

The increase brings the overall average rate for residential customers from P14.25 per kWh of the previous month to P14.28 per kWh. This means that a typical household that consumes at least 200 kWh per month will have to pay an additional P6.00 for the month of May.

The electric utility firm, however, reminds its customers that despite the slight increase in average residential rates, mindful use of electricity must still be practiced, especially now that we are in the dry season.

Visayan Electric President and Chief Operating Officer Raul C. Lucero explained that based on historical data, electricity consumption usually increases during the dry season, or more commonly referred to as the summer months, because people tend to use cooling appliances like air conditioners more

“Mindful use of electricity is still the key to avoid bill shock. We should be smart when it comes to using our cooling appliances so that we can manage our electricity consumption, manage our bill, and help ensure a stable supply of electricity, as well,” he said.

Early this year, the Department of Energy (DOE) issued a warning that there may be power supply concerns in the Visayas grid during the dry season due to the high demand for electricity with the increased use of air conditioning and other cooling appliances.

With this, Lucero reminded Visayan Electric customers to be conscious of electricity use and conserve power by making sure that appliances that are not in use are turned off and unplugged. |PR